Whilst visiting Provence you would like to explore more but the language seems too foreign and intimidating

Destination Français proposes lively, fun and practical French classes in small groups or tailor-made lessons / sessions

About us ?
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Company classes
Classes over lunch € 60 for 2 hours
Proof-reading € 25 / hour

Company classes


We offer classes financed by your company, for which we are prepared to travel to the company premises.

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Contact us for an estimate.

Classes over lunch


We offer discussions in French around the lunch table.

After lunch, we will give you a report on the discussion, including grammar and vocabulary, as well as cultural and social information. Your meal is not included in the price expect to pay around €15 exc. drinks



Contact us for an estimate.



We are able to translate all kinds of documents from English to French.



Contact us for an estimate.



We offer a proof-reading service for all documents already translated into French.



Contact us for an estimate.



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